Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Something is Baking in the Oven

Usually, when I begin to write, or when I even think about writing; what is eventually written starts off as a draft. It is handwritten in my handy yellow tablet. But, not today! For you see, my excitement about the release of my upcoming project is causing no kind of malfunction in my thinking process as my thoughts turn magically into least for now anyway.

My current project started off a couple of days ago while sipping on my cup of coffee, waiting for inspiration to hit me so that I could write something, or at least begin working on something. In other words, it was looking like I was going to have an uneventful day as far as letting my creative juices flow, or getting attacked by the writing bug. It didn't look like it was going to happen. I thought this is a woe is me kind of Tuesday. I was becoming a bored writer and let me tell you....that's not good! It makes you feel unproductive and unsatisfied, at least that's how it affects me.

But, later that evening, OMG! Something triggered, sparked and set my brain in action for my latest project. I was excited! How excited was I? Let me just say enthusiasm kept me up until 3 a.m. Wednesday morning as I sorted, researched and put the pieces (draft) together. I have been working on this project for the last four days. I bet you are thinking it is another book; after all it does have a title and it is full of characters. But, that's not it! My new project and regardless of how long it is taking me to get to the finish line and its debut date, it only has two far. Who knows if it will turn into something else later on. That depends on my imagination. But, so far, I'm proud of what it is today, because I created it.

To find out what it is, you will have to wait until February 1st. I hope I don't give it away before then. Perhaps I need to put duct tape on my mouth and have someone hide my computer so that I will not spill the beans. Excitement can do that to you.

Well, let me go, I've got some tweaking to do, my mind is ready to go today and it isn't messing around......I'm back, this writer is on board!

Oh, by the way...I did end up using my handy little yellow tablet. I found out that I needed a draft before putting this blog into a written perspective.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October News

My my my, it sure has been a minute since I've logged into this chat. Did you guys and gals miss me? Well, I do have some news to report to you, announcing my new book, "Itchy Scratchy Spots" is for sale. It is finished and sitting on the bookshelves of places like Amazon and Barnes and I am so thrilled, because this is my very first fully illustrated books for the kids. I have to admit, the artwork makes this book absolutely adorable. I love it! You can order the book right online, you don't have to leave your house. Isn't it just amazing how technology is? This book along with my other 6, is right on time for the holidays, they would make great stocking stuffers for your young readers. I know, if your kids are into electronic gadgets, go on and get them that Kindle, they can still read my books using one of these too.Now isn't that just dandy? Now that this book is out, I need to start working on another one. Oh, I got all kinds of ideas swimming around in my head, they are screaming to breakout. LOL
So, the next time you are browsing Amazon, Barnes and Noble, look for this new book, "Itchy Scratchy Spots" by author: Winona Rasheed. You will be glad you did. Well, gotta run because I am cooking dinner. I am trying to get everything finished so I can enjoy my "me" time later on this evening. Then it will be time to play with my bubble games on Facebook. Oh yeah, I am totally addicted....what can I say, it helps me relax after I've had a busy day and my days are always busy.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Release of a New Book

I am not being vain or egotistic as an author, I am just in a promoting mood, advertising my new book.....Itchy Scratchy Spots. This makes book #7 and I am very pleased with that. This is also my very first fully illustrated book for kids. So, pick up your copy and has this paperback book.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nona's In the House for September

Hi, my name is Nona. I am a children s' book author. I love to write short stories because I have a vivid imagination. When it comes to being published. I have 6 books that are selling at Amazon. A new title will be released soon, I hope. Just waiting on the publisher to finish doing what they do when it comes to creating a book for release. I am also an entrepreneur, a freelance writer/editor with my own little business called Dream Writers' Essentials; oh yeah, I am online! I just got a new PC today, and I am so excited. It is faster and has a lot more space, which means I will get a lot more work done and I love the thought of that. Now I don't have to worry about my PC freezing up on me or going so slow that it drives me nuts. I can now be on Face-book and play my games without interruptions.....well interruptions from the computer. There will be interruptions though from other human sources. LOL But you know, it is all good. This open office came with my new computer, so I am sitting here typing, trying it out. It looks like the regular Microsoft Word, but I am thinking that somehow it is different, I just have to figure out how different. Meantime, I can still upload my Word processor to this computer that I always use. Oh and guess what else is neat about this new computer.....I can watch DVD movies on it. I couldn't do that before on my old PC, which I am hanging on to, for a back up system. Well, so far, this weekend is turning out pretty darn good. Momma is happy as a lark. SYFY is on, I have clothes in the washer and I am satisfied with my new toy/work machine. Now, if my daughter would just pick up her phone, I'd be in seventh Heaven. Well, I am thinking that maybe I should let this be a note in my blog. Oh yeah, I do that too! I haven't written in my blog for awhile, so I think it needs updating and refreshed....gotta get the chat on so people will know that I am still alive. Oh heck, people know I am alive, they see me all the time on Facebook. LOL That's my hangout! Okay, before I go, let me say this....if you haven't yet picked up one of my books, you should. Introduce my stories to your children. They will love the stories that I write. No, I am not bragging, just letting you know that I have a vivid imagination and I love to show it off through my books. So hop on over to and search for my titles. All of my books can be purchased as an e book for you Kindle lovers and as a paperback book.....let your children meet such characters as Wohali, Kumani and Ella to name a few. With 6 books, you know there is going to be a lot more characters to check out. Heck, three of my books has more than one short story in them, so those books are packed with interesting and charming characters to fall in love with. Your kids will take a magic carpet ride when they open the pages of my books. My Titles: Author: Winona Rasheed Broken Voices A New Home for Her Cubs Wohali and the Little People Sugar and Spice Fairy Tales for Girls Stories from Grandma's Garden Smiles and Frowns through Animal Town's Storybook

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28th Victoria

Okay, so my little Chit Chat blog has a new facelift. has changed their blogging format and now poor me has to learn this thing all over again. This may take a while so I can figure this out. They say it is suppose to be better, but it is complicated and mind boggling to me. It's the end of June, July is rolling in here fast. But I am loving the summer, though I haven't done anything with it....yet. Don't know what is on the agenda for summer. I do want to go Ohio in August...I hope it works out. See Victoria, this is a blog. Hey ya'll, Missy Vickie is my long time friend from my hometown of Troy Ohio. We were running buddies. Now we are running around in cyberspace along with Jacquie, Celia, Bobbi and Denise and so many others that we went to school with. It is so nice connecting to the past in cyberspace. You just can't beat it. It's like we have a reunion everytime we get on Facebook. WEll, gotta run, I am a busy beaver today, not only with the kids, but paperwork just arrived from my client that I have to take a look at. I wonder if there is some money in this big fat envelope...I bet there is....yeah me...somebody is going shopping this weekend. Try to keep cool today ya'll. Enjoy the sun and don't forget your sunblock. Later gators.....follow me Missy Vickie.