Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Something is Baking in the Oven

Usually, when I begin to write, or when I even think about writing; what is eventually written starts off as a draft. It is handwritten in my handy yellow tablet. But, not today! For you see, my excitement about the release of my upcoming project is causing no kind of malfunction in my thinking process as my thoughts turn magically into least for now anyway.

My current project started off a couple of days ago while sipping on my cup of coffee, waiting for inspiration to hit me so that I could write something, or at least begin working on something. In other words, it was looking like I was going to have an uneventful day as far as letting my creative juices flow, or getting attacked by the writing bug. It didn't look like it was going to happen. I thought this is a woe is me kind of Tuesday. I was becoming a bored writer and let me tell you....that's not good! It makes you feel unproductive and unsatisfied, at least that's how it affects me.

But, later that evening, OMG! Something triggered, sparked and set my brain in action for my latest project. I was excited! How excited was I? Let me just say enthusiasm kept me up until 3 a.m. Wednesday morning as I sorted, researched and put the pieces (draft) together. I have been working on this project for the last four days. I bet you are thinking it is another book; after all it does have a title and it is full of characters. But, that's not it! My new project and regardless of how long it is taking me to get to the finish line and its debut date, it only has two far. Who knows if it will turn into something else later on. That depends on my imagination. But, so far, I'm proud of what it is today, because I created it.

To find out what it is, you will have to wait until February 1st. I hope I don't give it away before then. Perhaps I need to put duct tape on my mouth and have someone hide my computer so that I will not spill the beans. Excitement can do that to you.

Well, let me go, I've got some tweaking to do, my mind is ready to go today and it isn't messing around......I'm back, this writer is on board!

Oh, by the way...I did end up using my handy little yellow tablet. I found out that I needed a draft before putting this blog into a written perspective.


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