Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey there people. Just wanted you to know that this author has been a busy little bee. I have three author events to prepare for. Oh yeah, doesn't that sound super great?
On the 30th of this month, I will be appearing on the online blog Rack Radio show, and then on September 2, I will be appearing at a DC library open house with my books. Then on September 11, I have another radio interview.

As they said back in the day....this is groovy. I am loving this. There is so much to do after your book has been published. I plan on writing about this experience when all of the events are done. This will be one long blog I am presuming when I start writing about this experience.

Just remember writers, it's not over just because your book is published. You have to market it too, or else your book will sit on the shelf collecting dust bunnies. We have to help our books reach their targeted audience.

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