Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, today was the big day. It happened just a few hours ago, I had my first author radio interview. I have to admit, I was so nervous talking on the phone and answering questions from the host. Who would have thought that being on the phone would make you nervous as a tick on a dog. Anyway, made it through the experience and I am looking forward to the next one, which will occur on September 11th.

If you are an author and have never had your first interview, you have something to look forward to. I encourage you to make it happen. But, while you wait on that big day to occur, here are some pointers for when you do have your first author radio interview.

Actually, an interview can come in all kinds of media outlets. My first radio interview happened to be an online blog talk radio interview. So, with that said, when you are ready to be interviewed over the phone, I suggest that you just sit back and relax. Pretend that you are having a phone conversation with a dear friend, and don't think about the thousands of people who could be listening. Know what you are talking about, especially if you are talking about your book, or the theme of your book. Make notes and have them at your disposal for easy access. I had mine sitting right in front of me. Another tid bit....though you may be thirsty or hungry during your interview, it is not a wise thing to be drinking or chewing on food while you are interviewing; you do not want those sounds coming through and being recorded. That would be yucky and distasteful. Think before you speak and choose your words wisely, even if you have to take a deep breath first and gather your thoughts before letting the words tumble from your lips. (I thought I was stumbling over my words during the interview, but I did alright, however, the next one will be even better.)

Most interview hosts will have you submit a list of talking points, or questions that you want them to ask. Be prepared, go over your list and answer the questions before hand, even if you have to stand in the mirror and talk to yourself. Let your words come out smooth...not using a lot of ers and ummm's in your interview as if you are searching for the words. (After listening to the recorded interview, I see I did use some ers and ummms.) That was not my intentions.

Though this is a fabulous experience for any author. Nothing can beat your first interview as you move up the ladder of success as a writer. Enjoy the lime light and this marketing tool for your published book.

With that said, take a look, or I should say, take a listen to my first author interview on the MOMRN blogtalk radio show.

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