Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Are you getting into the holiday spirit? You know it is right around the corner, and it will be here before you know it. Maybe some of you are already making out your shopping list, at least getting started on it.

Well, don't forget to add some great children books to you gift shopping list. We all know that kids need fruits and veggies for their growing bodies. They also need some great books for their minds. Books that will spark their imagination and let them dream and wonder; books that will take the edge off of boredom and the rainy day blues.

Since I am an author, I can't help but be an advocate for reading. After all, what good are books if there are no readers? What good are publishers if there are no writers and what good are authors if they don't have the creativity to write what they wish to say?
Broken Voices
A New Home for Her Cubs
Sugar and Spice Fairy Tales for Girls
Stories from Grandma's Garden
Smiles and Frowns through Animal Town's Storybook
Wohali and the Little People

Good Books for Great Minds!

Beat the crowds and order them on line.


  1. Can you give a recommended age for each of the books?

  2. Oh my goodness, Bobbi, sorry for my late response. I had no idea people were actually reading my little blogs. However, I am so glad you jumped on the bandwagon. As I see it, it's better late than never so here is my response.
    Broken Voices: middle grade and high school
    A New Home for Her Cubs:elementary kids- 7-10
    Wohali and the Little People: Middle Grade
    Sugar and Spice Fairy Tales for Girls: 6-9
    Stories from Grandma's Garden: 6-9
    Smiles and Frowns through Animal Town: Readers are from 6-9

    Of course, my books are a great read for all ages, for the kids who love to read and for those who love to read to them.

    The last three books listed have a compilation of more than one story in the book,