Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Broken Voices" is Still on the Move

Wow, I am happy to announce that I am going to be doing another blog interview for my book, "Broken Voices". Dr. Sharon Pajka of Gallaudet University has been trying to get in contact with me. I am so impressed because for some reason last night, I decided to check my comments on my website. Usually, I get nothing but junk mail responses so I hadn't checked it for awhile. I almost did a flip out of my chair when I read her message, which was way back in January.I thought I had missed out on a great opportunity. But lo and behold, I contacted her last night and got a response today. She is still interested in introducing my book and me as an author to her students. Now what do you think of that? I'll tell you what, I bet I start reading my comments now because people are reading my blogs after all. Hot diggity dog!
Take a look at this website, she has my book listed. It is so awesome. I am on cloud 9 all over again. Thanks Dr. Pajka!


  1. Congratulations! Continued success to you and your work ! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you Tim. I love it when I get comments. Keep them coming.