Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Madness

Okay, I had to take a break and pull myself away from my computer desk and grab another cup of coffee. Actually, I could ue something with a little fizz in it right about now. I am talking about Pepsi of course. When you are working, you don't need a splash of liquor. Heck, that would put me to sleep. I'd be wasted. I am already drowsy from staring at this computer screen.

If you are wondering what I am doing, let me tell you. I am again on the prowl for a publisher. Last week, I had one book idea to find a home for. Now I have 2. March came in and got my creative juices flowing, causing me to pop out another short story for the kiddies to enjoy. See, for me...the stories are easy to write, especially when I can stay focused. However, finding the perfect publishing match is a humdinger of a task in my career as a writer/author. Boy, I wish my old publisher was still available, then I wouldn't have this big stress-er-doodle hanging over my head.

Today, I jotted down possibilites in my little handy notebook and then I booked marked them just in case something gets lost or misplaced. That's my backup system.
When I do my search, I am picky. I love the publishers who have email submissions, and the ones with their own online forms or queries to fill out. That saves a lot of time. But, you have to watch out for those non simultanious submission clauses and the word count stipulations. I tend to over do it whe the words. I just can't help it...I am long winded and I am a very descriptive writer who believes in giving detail and showing a realistic fiction story, even if it is short. All this means is...I love creating words. I guess you can say that I am a wordzy kind of gal.
When these stories are finally accepted and I am requested to do some cutting, I will do so.

This morning I started with an online search of publishers. This afternoon I am going to check out the publishers own Twitter. Oh yeah, the advertise there too. I will continue creating my list so I will have it for future books. I am going to find that publisher who wants my book ideas, both of them!

The key word here is Positive You have to remain positive, optimistic and inspired in my line of work. I got this! Do you feel me?

Okay, time is is time to get busy again. Considering that it is 1:15, perhaps I should put on some clothes first and come alive. Hey, when you work from home, you can wear whatever. But when your attire makes you want to go back to bed, that might not be a good inspiration when there is work to do. Let me go sparkle!

I hope you enjoyed my March rantings. Stay tuned for more....ya know I have to do a follow up.

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