Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Author's Most Embarrassing Moment.

Well, today was the day, my radio interview aired for the first time since I was interviewed back in September. It is airing for a full twenty four hours at

I have been waiting on this interview with much excitement. The few short minutes that I was on air started off just great. It was fabulous. I was answering questions without stammering. I was actually sounding professional. Both my husband and I were listening with big grins on our faces. I was so proud and he was too of me. However, at the end of the interview, I could not believe that I misspelled my own name on the show. I was in shock when I heard that big ole mistake for the first time. I literally gasped. What the heck????? I did not realize that big flubby-do until the interview aired. My nerves must have been really whacked that day. Now that is my most embarrassing moment as a writer/author.

When the host asked me to spell out my full name for the audience, I said just as proud as a peacock, "Wiona Rasheed". I must have been out of my mind, or my nerves were on edge for my name is spelled, WINONA....Wi no na and not Wi ona as I proudly related. When I heard that mistake, I could have just died! I couldn't believe it, especially since everything was going so well. Thank goodness I didn't flub up the names of my book

Now that was an embarrassing moment. Can anyone out there relate to this?

Signing off for now.

Winona Rasheed......Yes, it is spelled right.

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