Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Tuesday News

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! That's all I can say about this blog interview with Joanna Aislinn. Thanks for making my day Joanna. You are a super duper friend.

For those of you who are interested in my writing road trip, take a look at the website below. Joanna did a wonderful job putting this together.


A reminder for tomorrow. I know I said it before and I hope you aren't getting tired of me repeating myself, but I am going to say it anyway. My radio interview will be airing tomorrow. http://www.theauthorsshow.com/ I will be tuning in and I hope you do too.

I started working on another Y/A book last night, the inspiration hit me and I was up writing at 4am creating a draft. I don't know how long this is going to take to write, but the juices are flowing. The other book that I started after "Broken Voices" is at a stand still because of writer's block. So it is on the back burner waiting for the Characters to start talking to me. This new book idea, the characters of Charlotte Whitfield, Sadie Collins and Effie Lewis are making themselves known in my head. Lets just hope that they keep talking so I can bring them full circle. Oh yes, I have to think of a title too. So, as you can see, this is far from being done. Will it be a short story? I don't know, this could be my first novel or novella as I plot, plan and organize. All I can tell you is that we will just have to wait and see.

Have a glorious Tuesday afternoon folks.

Hugs and smooches!

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