Friday, October 22, 2010

Writing for Dollars

Good morning, good morning, good morning world. I am sitting here with my cup of coffee trying to start my day.
There sure is a lot to write about today. Let's see, where shall I begin????
I was up late last night, on my computer of course looking for websites for freelance writers. I was searching for websites that pay writers to write articles. I found some pretty good ones too. I made a list of all the ones that I want to register for today. In my haste to get started on this venture, I already signed up to one website two days ago and was accepted. I wrote my first article for them yesterday, now I am waiting to see if the article was approved by the buyer. It didn't take me long to write the article because it only had to be a minimum of 300 words and I didn't have to spend a lot of time doing research on the topic. The pay is skimpy, but what the heck, at least I am getting my writing on and staying busy doing what I love to do. With a 300 word minimum, I think I can deliver several articles a day, depending on the topic and the research time involved.
A couple of days ago, I am happy to announce I received a royalty payment on two of my books that I wrote. Boy, was that some good news. Heck no, I am not rich by no means, but I am so happy with my results. Now I just have to keep it going, keep pushing my books that are on sale at A published author can never stop marketing, for when you do, you books stop moving. I can't let that happen because my stories are too good to be wasted. Though 2 books are doing well, Broken Voices and A New Home for Her Cubs, I have four other titles that need some recognition too, because I am just as proud of them too. Did you know that I have books that houses more than one story, each one has at least four stories when you look at the table of content page? These books have a combination of short stories in them, just right for bedtime reading, or when you have the rainy day blues. Let me refresh your memory on the titles. They are:
Stories from Grandma's Garden
Sugar and Spice Fairy Tales for Girls
Smiles and Frowns through Animal Town's Storybook
These books sale at

Oh, and I must not forget about my ebook Exclusive, Wohali and the Little People This is my first Cherokee Indian tale that is just right for ten-12 year olds. Oh heck, Y/A can enjoy this book too. Anyone who loves to read a great story will benefit from reading all of my books.

Well, gotta run, it is time for me to refresh my cup of coffee and make my run across the internet and make a few dollars. I tell you, it's going to be a busy day. I hope you enjoy yours like I am going to enjoy mine; after's Friday, the week-end is here!

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