Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year World. I must say, so far so good. We are four days into 2011. In all my rush to get things bought during December, I failed to get a 2011 Calendar, so I made my own, which was looking kind of crappy. Anyway, lo and behold, one came in the mail, I was so happy. The little things put a smile on my face. It is a neat looking calendar too with puppies and kittens for the month of January. Before, January for 2010 showed a picture of a martini.....and I don't even drink.

The new year is coming in with me writing articles and I have a client that I am working with from my freelance writing and editing business, "Dream Writers' Essentials." http://www.dreamwritersesentials.com, so 2011, is coming in on the good foot. I pray to be busy all year long doing what I love to do and that is WRITE.

Well I have to cut this chit chat short, the baby is calling me. I am talking about my grandson. Guess what, I call him superman.

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