Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Chat on Writing

Here I go again. I was just sitting at my kitchen table and like always, thoughts were running through my head. Earlier in the day I had read a couple of pages of an ebook that I have on my Kindle PC, the title "The Goddess of Fried Okra". They author has succeeded in creating believable characters.

Now with that said, it lead me to the thoughts of what an excellent writer is and what they do, what they know how to do.

An excellent writer is one who can make the reader hear the voice of their characters through the choice of words that they give as dialogue. An excellent writer writes with such style, depth and detail, the reader cam actually pick a main character out of a crowd. Through a writer's way with words, the reader can imagine and see the distinction of a southern belle, a New York charmer, or a British tycoon. You can see the characters unfold and come to life in the pages of the book.

An excellent writer will have the reader wanting more, not wanting to put the book down until they have reached the end. A good book leaves the reader with a satisfied feeling when the book has come to its conclusion.

An excellent writer knows how to make the reader feel the essence of each character and their situation, making the reader become one with the character. An excellent writer knows how to make a character pop out and become close friends with the reader.

An excellent writer can make the reader still hear the voice of a main character, even when the book is closed, because the character is still living on in the reader's head, making a lasting impression, which will cause the reader to search for other material by that particular author. All because the writer knows how to draw the attention of their readers, using their fabulous characters as bait, pulling the reader in and making a connection.

Just Another Thought
By Winona aka Nona

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