Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Event for June

Today was indeed a big day. I was up early getting ready for it, the reason.....another book event. This event was put on by my sister n law and her husband, Mecca and Doug Roeser. This is one awesome couple working on behalf of the youth. They sponsored a racing for life event today and me and my books were a part of the event along with other vendors.

You should have seen the racing cars on display, they were awesome! It was a family affair, for there was something there for everyone, including my books Broken Voices and A New Home for Her Cubs. Oh yeah, I sold some too! It was a hot day, but it was a good day, for I was in the shade chillin, keeping cool and getting known as an author.

I want to thank my daughters, Rafiqah and Raushanah for being there with me. We really enjoyed ourselves. They even had a DJ playing music, so we were rocking in the sunshine in Maryland.

Now I am home chillin and watching the finals with my husband.

So you see, today was a very good day. How was your Sunday?

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