Friday, January 27, 2012

Hollywood Author on the Rise! See Who it is.

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, like most teens or young adults in high school; you are left wondering what you will become and how you will achieve it. I always wanted to be a writer/author. It took many years to accomplish that goal, especially since I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. But, I am so happy I held on to my dream; after all, dreams do come true when you don’t give up on them. So, now I can say that the town of Troy has a home-grown writer/author in its mist. Oh yes, I still consider myself an old Buckeye girl, even though I now live elsewhere. Troy Ohio is my roots and will always be “my home” away from home. I can say I’ve done something positive and meaningful with my life. I’ve found my calling as a children and Young Adult writer/author. But wait, that’s not all that I do, mind you. I am a freelance writer too. All I can say to that is…the writing bug is in my blood and I am loving the road that I am on, because it is keeping me busy and inspired to keep moving forward and to help others who like myself, have been bitten by this writing bug.
Although I have a few published books and I love promoting them, this little promotion article isn’t about me. It’s about another Troy, home-grown author who has a remarkable way with making words and ideas flow and coming up with a publishable book. Her name is Daphane Carnes, and like me, she writes from the heart, letting her spirit guide her pencil when she is creating a story. Daphane is from “my neighborhood”, or as they say back home….Hollywood, on the other side of the tracks.
Who would have thought that little ole Troy would have not one, but two African-American female writers making a name for themselves in the literary world? How is that for Black History?
Daphane has held on to her dream and has accomplished her goal of being published. After all, this feat of getting published is not an easy road to travel and it isn’t something that happens overnight. Desire, dedication and a whole heap of faith make it happen. Plus having a manuscript that speaks “Accept Me” to an editor is a big help to start off with. Daphane knows the bones of writing and being creative with her words. She knows how to tell a story that gives a positive message to young readers when they are facing difficult situations. Her first book, “Grace” is a fine example of Daphane Carnes as an author. With Daphane’s book, which sales at; as a writer of Christian material, her story is based on faith and keeping God alive in all situations that pertains to life’s situations. So, you will always find that the content she delivers will have a spiritual and binding message, regardless of what faith you as the reader may have, for the message she gives is universal and it is timeless.
Daphane Carnes…..The Spirit of Troy is leaving her legacy as an accomplished author. Remember her the next time you are looking for a wholesome book to give to a child. She has one now, but look out world, for others will follow; after all, she is working on them now.
Add this book to your reading list: Grace, by Daphane Carnes
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