Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The End of December 2011

Well here I am again, updating my blog. It is a rainy day on the home front today, but at least it is not snow. I really can do without that stuff, however, I know it is coming. Back home in Ohio they are already getting snow, so I know it is coming our way.

I hope the last month of the year has been good to everyone, but you know what, I am so looking forward to January and a new year. I have high hopes and great dreams for 2012. In my case, I am hoping that the new year will be brighter and better because 2011 was not all that great....too many problems that were out of my control. I hate it when I can't fix something that has gone astray or just plain messed up. For 2011, life has dealt us a lot of uncertainties and high mountains to climb. But, all in all, we are still here hanging in there, so I am thinking that God has something good in store for us because we have been patient and steadfast in our faith.

Oh, in a couple of days guess what.....we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary. We got married in 1974 on New Years Eve. We will be married 37 years. I've actually been with my husband since I was 16, going through the boyfriend/girlfriend stages. Our relationship started out in Ohio and here we are today in Washington DC. I wonder where will be in the future, because quite frankly, I've had enough of our Nation's capital. After all, I am not a city girl!

Another thing for the end of December, 2011; I found another publisher for my new book. Well, it hasn't been accepted yet. I had to send in a query letter, a synopsis and the first chapter to the publisher to see if they are interested in the content. I hope they turn out to be better than the last wish-washy publisher that I pulled it from. The waiting period for their answer is 4 weeks, could be longer than that because publishers do get swamped with manuscripts. You have to grab their attention within the first couple of paragraphs. I truly hope I've done that with this story idea. If it is accepted, this will be my first book for the new year. So my reading buddies, keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer, for I am on a mission to get published.....again.

Well, it is time for me to go and refresh my cup of coffee, time to get my day started. Actually, it already started for I have checked my mail, made my presence on Facebook and checked on my fish in AquaLife. That's just some game I am addicted to. Now it is time to go do my thing on Twitter. Oh yeah, I'm a tweeting kind of gal too. Since I am not babysitting today, I have a lot of time on my hands today. But trust me, I have plenty to do so I will not be sitting down twiddling my fingers wondering what to do with myself.

All in all, the end of December is alright with me.I am not going to complain because God is in control.

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