Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1,2011

How wonderful it is to see a brand new month come rolling in. November is gone and December has made its appearance. Lucky for us in DC, it is cold, but there is no snow as of yet. I dread that falling stuff. December is a very festive month as we all know, however, it is more so in this family because of birthdays and anniversaries. Oh yeah, ours is coming up at the end of the month, married since 1974. Dang doesn't that sound like ages ago? Anyway as I see it, it is a blessing, which shows we made it through the bad times and the good. You know, to be married this long, you can't do it without having God in your relationship. After all, married life can get crazy at times and make ya just wanna jump up down and scream or start throwing stuff. But, you don't really do that, what you do is Pray, Pray, Pray and count your blessings; especially when the devil tries to throw you a curve ball. So for all you newly wed folks, or those planning a wedding, go forward not only in love but in faith, patience and by all means, take God with you. Do not leave him out, trust me.....your going to need him when the honeymoon is over. Oh yeah, I wouldn't trade married life for nothing in the world. Okay, enough of that. I don't even know how I got started on that topic. It is just something that popped up in my head and I thought I would share.

Well, here is an update; I was all prepared to go forward with my new book idea, "The Itchy Scratchy Spots." Had a publisher and everything. I was ready to move forward, but it seems I picked the wrong publisher, they were slow as molasses's,not very professional and they didn't accomplish what they said they would accomplish. Not even a book cover. Even the correspondence was shaky. Needless to say, I pulled the manuscript and now I am back at square one, searching for a new one, which isn't easy;for one thing, I like publishers who accept email submissions. I am also looking for a small independent publisher like the one I had before....New Line Press. Now they were awesome and I had a super good experience with them. So, I guess you are saying, why not go back to them...Well here is the scoop on that situation. Even though I am still friends with the publisher, they have decided to drop doing children's books, their material is more adult centered. Meaning children books and erotica books are two different genre's and they are focusing more on attracting adult audiences. I can respect and appreciate that decision. The publisher has helped me so much and I learned a lot about publishing through them. As a matter of fact, the publisher even thinks that I should think about going into publishing like she did, learn the trade. However, I am not thinking along those lines, for I do not believe that that is something I want to do. But, you never know where God will take you...all you have to do is follow and see what is in store. So actually, I am not closing the door...just not thinking about For all I want at the moment is to have another book published by a respectable and hardworking publisher who cares about their authors. I've been down that road before and I know what to until I find what I am looking for, me and my manuscript will just be doing a lot of finger walking through the "Yellow Pages," that's internet search engine jabber.

My goodness I am long winded on the first day of December. Well, what can I say, I had to update my blog so folks won't think I am on vacation somewhere. As I look at the clock, it is telling me it is time to wrap this little chit chat up and get busy. Lord knows I have plenty to do....I am so inspired. Until the next time, be good, be blessed, stay focused and may your day be filled with peace and happiness.

Thanks for stopping by and reading....I hope you enjoyed.

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