Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Ranting: Before There Were Computers

Wow, tis the season to be jolly! Yeah right, at the moment there is nothing jolly about it. I am sitting here with a long face, all because my computer is not working as it should. Woe is me, for there is so much to be done and I can't do it. This bring me way down in the dumps. But the bad part is....a technician will not be here until the 20th, and today is just the 13th. Both phone service and internet service are in need of repair, for lines are criss-crossing somewhere. However, today I did manage to check my email and leave an updated status on Facebook, while the green light was flashing, signaling that I could get on the internet. But, the thing went out again, so I am back at square one....being frustrated. Now would be a good time for a back up system, however, if the problem is in the phone lines, a back up system would be useless.

This reminds me of the days before computers. How did we ever manage our days before we had internet and telephones? Do you remember? For one thing, I bet housewives or stay at home moms had clean houses, spotless from top to bottom. However, I've already done that this past weekend, when the troubles began. I was even in the mood to rearrange furniture, which I did and I wore myself out doing it. But since the phone and the internet were going bonkers, I did the next best thing to occupy my time, became a busy little housewife.

I am hoping the green light starts to flash again, for when it does, I plan on transferring this ranting to my blog, if it allows me. Well do you see that? Before there were computers/internet and phones, people wrote their writings/rantings down on paper. This I had already done while drinking my first cup of coffee this morning. I just took out the old stand by me....the writing tablet and pen and jotted down what I wanted to say. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so I did.

So how will I fill the remainder of this day......I plan on fixing a big dinner to occupy my empty time without a working computer or phone service. This is such a drag and a cotton pickin shame! Thank goodness Direct TV isn't messing up! How about that?????

Tell me, how do you cope when all of your electronic gagets go on the blink? Do you put on your apron and start baking and roasting, or doing something crafty in the kitchen? Did I lose my mind or what???????

As you can see, if you are reading this blog, I did manage to get a little writing done today.......and this is a good thing. And Oh yeah, the green light started to flash, letting me know the internet is ready......for me to transfer my rantings to my blog.

Until the next time....wish me luck in surviving this test of endurance and patience, for I am running out of both.

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