Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Chit Chat

Boy do I love to chit chat. Here it is Labor Day afternoon and here I am sitting at my computer, happy as a lark and feeling content. For the last couple of hours, I have been searching the web finding places to go where I can promote my books. There are so many places in cyber space, it can literally blow your mind if you don't know what you are doing. I've skipped on over to virtual tour sites, places like Second Life, Meta Place and Reaction Grid; yes, I found those places online. I don't quite understand how their virtual worlds work, and to looked kind of complicated. According to the information, with these sites, you can set up meeting places and talk about your books and gain reading fans. Now that part sounds good. So I am seriously thinking about registering in one of them to see how it goes, as if Yoville and Petville aren't enough for me. lol
I also spent some time on the blog talk radio site too, trying to find more radios stations where I can be a potential guest. I made three request today. As you can see, I am still trying to get my books out there...pushing, pushing, pushing. I never get tired doing this. I guess I was struck by the interview bug. I have one guest blog to do, and would like to do more as soon as I can find where these sites are. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and let me know. Some times I feel like a desperate author as I search the avenues of exposure. I even joined the "Red Room", my registration there is pending and I should hear from them within the next two days to see if I am accepted. What will I do there? Well, I actually don't know....All I can tell you is that it deals with literature and authors,so We will have to wait and see.
Well, that's it for now, I had my little coffee break, now it is time to get back to work. Yes, I am working on Labor Day.

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