Thursday, September 2, 2010

What it is Like to be an Author

Okay, so you know I love being on Facebook with all my buddies and playing my favorite games and all, games like Yoville, Petville and Cafe World, plus a few word games. That's the silly side of me, things I do to unwind and relax. But, there is a serious side of me, and it all deals with writing; I am so hooked. I believe if you cut me open, sentences and paragraphs would just fall out. lol

When you are a serious writer, you can stay up until the early hours of the morning writing, especially when characters or ideas start talking to you. It will make you get up out of bed and start jotting stuff down. It will make you work out a scene that you stumbled on earlier in the day.

When you are a serious writer, it will take the place of housework, yard work, grocery shopping and make you catch up with all that other stuff later because you can't help but to put it on hold until you finish doing what you are doing. You can have the TV on, but you can't see it or hear it because you are deep in your work. Oh, and don't let the phone ring while you are busy being creative, if you are like makes your blood boil because you don't want the interruption, especially if the call is as unimportant as a telemarketer or a bill collector, or someone looking for someone else in your household. It will make you just wanna say....Ahhhh Crap! (of course crap was substituted for something else. I am keeping it clean here cause that's how I do.) lol

When you are a serious writer, no matter if you are writing a short story or a novel, when you are knee deep in it, you might not stop to eat until it is late at night... if you stop to eat at all. You just don't have time for it. That's why you keep a cup of coffee or a Pepsi and a bag of chips close at hand so you can keep going. Well, what can I say....that's what I do. It works for me!

A serious writer will always be thinking up new story ideas, especially when a writer is coming close to the end of a story that is almost ready to submit. After all, someone is bound to ask if you are working on anything new, and of course I am. If you are like me, you have on file old stories that need to be tweeked or worked on. I have stories dating back to when I first started writing for children, when I was enrolled in a writing course. That was the best thing that could happen to me as a wanna be writer back then. I learned so much aboujt writing and the process of it. It was then that I knew my destiny was writing for children and teens. All this happened back in the 90's. Before that I dabbled in writing adult material and poetry; bet you didn't know that about me. But you know, it just wasn't my niche and nothing came of it. I guess you can say I was in the wrong genre and going nowhere. When you find where you belong when it comes to writing, the genre will suit your style and it will fit like a glove, bringing you together like a marriage united. It is awesome when you find your niche.

Well, this is suppose to be a note, however, it is more like a newsletter. What can I say...I am a writer and I love to write. I am just doing my little thing until I drag myself out into the kitchen and cook boring. But doing's exhilerating! Writing, regardless of what or how much you write, it is an awesome experience and it can take you to places and situations that you have never been.

For me, it's author interviews and author events........I am loving the life!

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