Saturday, September 11, 2010

MY 9/11 Author Interview

I just had my second radio author interview about an hour and a half ago. It was awesome, though like always, I was a tad bit nervous. For some reason, I developed a scratchy throat once I was in conversation. That was annoying, I tried to subdue the urge to cough. Thank goodness this interview was being taped and not going on air live.

That was the big difference between my last radio interview, on blog talk radio...I was live right then and there, couldn't make any mistakes or the entire listening audience would have heard.

This experience today was more relaxing and Don McCauley, the radio host explained everything before we got started. He told me what was going to happen, and what I could expect. It was like I was sitting at my kitchen table talking to a friend over doughnuts and coffee. If there was any mistakes made, it would be alright, because the tape was going to go to the editing room. We talked about my new book, "Broken Voices" as well as chit chatting about writing and publishing. The entire interview lasted about 13 minutes. Now that was quick and to the point, unlike the other interview which lasted about 30 minutes. Mr. Mccauly covered most of the talking points. When the interview was over, our conversation continued for about another 15 minutes, it was then that he began explaining the process of marketing and publicity for authors. I learned so much was just awesome, not a boring moment entered into the picture.

This interview will not be aired for about two weeks because of the editing process. But, I can look forward to my book and my name being announced on the upcoming shows of Under the Chilren's section. The interview will run for a month, at least that's what I think he said for free. After that, I can purchase the the license of the interview show and use it in my marketing strategy. This is the route that I want to take if my finances are available when it is aired. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed. As a writer trying to make a name for herself and get my books out there...all I can say is that I want it all!

I will keep you posted when my interview is going on air. You knew I was going to blog about it! Just can't help myself.....I am so excited.

Until the next time...put me on your list of favorite authors and my books on your bookshelves. You can't have one without the other.

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