Friday, September 3, 2010

Library Book Event: 9-2-2010

Yesterday was my first book signing event. It was awesome! My table was laid out with all kinds of goodies, goodies such as book information, post cards and business cards. I even had bookmarks. I sold some copies of "Broken Voices" too. I spoke about my books, each one of them and I had all 6 to show off. At this particular event, though I had all 6 books, I was only permitted to sale "Broken Voices". That's because that's what was in the contract. Yeah, did you know you had to sign a contract to do book events? I tell you, you learn something new everyday.
I had buyers and potential buyers in all walks of life coming to my table. A lot of people said they were going to check out my website and go to for my books. Amazon will be so pleased, books flying off the shelf. lol
All in all, I was excited from beginning to end. The open house was from 4-7 pm. It was a worthwhile three hours, leaving me wanting to do more at bookstores, the malls, perhaps even schools. One buyer was a teacher, she bought the book (Broken Voices) so that she could circulate it at the school where she works. I say that is pretty darn cool.
My next event will be held on September 11th. I know it is a gruesome sentimental day, but I am thinking positive and good things are going to happen on that day because I am giving an author radio interview. Details will come later. I am going to post so that you will have a chance to listen to the one and only...Winona Rasheed aka Nonnie Burns. Yeah that's me....Nonnie is my nickname and that's what everyone calls me whenever I go home to Troy. That's right, I still call Troy my home. I am talking about Troy, Ohio folks. I am a Troy Trojan. As a matter of fact, my 40th class reunion is coming up at the end of the month.
Well, it looks like I got off track a bit. My mind is flying. But that's alright, writers do that.....gotta stay focused. lol
Until the next time....If you are a writer/author....enjoy the benefits of your talent. For those who read.......

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