Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Interview with David Kentner

Here it is Wednesday, September 22, and I am feeling like I am on the red carpet again as an author. If you are wondering about that website address above, click on it and find out who is featured on it. Oh okay, I will tell you. David Kentner interviewed me as well as others and he put the interviews up on his website. I have to tell you, as an author, this is an awesome experience. Being a writer/author gets better every day. I not only talked about my books, I talked about myself and how I got started in writing. David Kentner posed some very good questions for me to answer. He made me think about things that I had not thought about for years.I guess you can say while doing this interview, I had an awakening within myself, taking me back to when I was 13 years old.
Well, this is a short blog today, I just wanted to share my last interview with you, actually, this isn't the last one for September. I have one more to do. I will be sending it off today. It's another blog interview posting. I just love this technology of blogging. You can accomplish so much, making big strides in your endeavors as an author. Marketing has all kinds of avenues that one can stroll down.The opportunities seem endless.
I hope you enjoy the Interview that I had with David Kentner.

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